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What Is Exitus Elite? – Money Maker Or Scam

what is exitus elite,Have you seen the Exitus Elite website and wondered whether its claims really are legit and if you can actually make money by joining? Well, you are not alone. Many people want to find out if they really should spend their money and time with Exitus Elite.  This article aims to answer all your questions regarding it.

What Is Exitus Elite About?

• Exitus Elite product is a training course that teaches about online marketing. It includes information about how to drive traffic to your site, how to communicate with customers and social media integration among others. With the course, you get other subject areas such as health and nutrition and motivation but this will be explained later in the article.

• Exitus Elite business enables you to sell the product mentioned above. You first need to buy the product, thus becoming a member and from every sale of the training program that you make, you earn a commission. This seems pretty straightforward but it is not.

You may think that selling the training program involves standing at the corner of the street trying to convince people to buy it or going door to door. That’s not the case. You don’t need to sell anything or make any cold calls. The system is made such that 90% of the work is done for you.

You do not have to convert any customers into referrals as the sales funnel is already set up for you. Your job is to get the customers to visit your initial point of contact, whether it’s a landing page or website. From here, the system kicks in to do the selling for you.

What’s the Genesis product?

what is exitus elite,“Genesis” is the name given to the one and only Exitus Elite product. It’s difficult to understand why it’s even called a product in the first place or why it just wasn’t named Exitus Elite. In order to use the training or to sell, you first have to buy it.

This will set you back $1000.00 with an additional $299.00 administration fee, WOW!!. This is a really high start-up cost especially because you are not guaranteed to sell and there are other online businesses that you can Start For Free.

The training you buy covers the following areas:

1. Online marketing

• Coming up with a social media strategy
• How to communicate with your customers
• How to generate leads
• Using paid methods to attract traffic
• Tips to build lists
• Copy writing
• How to manage a virtual assistant…

2. Personal Development – This includes videos of gurus talking about their successes. About 82 audios each lasting roughly an hour. That’s too much, in my opinion, how much motivation can a person really take!

3. Health and nutrition – If you get easily bored, this is probably when you should check out. This part of the training consists of 12 hours of listening. Of course, you can break this up and listen to in a number of days (or months depending on your concentration levels) but hey, as long as it sells, right?

Okay, from first glance, it’s quite clear that this training package is jam-packed with content to attract a wider audience. Here’s why. If you are not an online marketer nor do you own a business, you may be tempted to still buy the product because, well, who doesn’t want to be personally developed or healthy? Considering their selling point is building an online business, it doesn’t make sense why half of their product is not directly related to that.

Yes, information on personal development and health and nutrition is important but doesn’t that apply to virtually anyone? Can’t you just get this information online for free?

What do you need to do?

exitus elite,The way the system is set up, all you have to do really, is drive traffic to it. From there, it will take over the reins. Genesis gives you tips on how to drive traffic to your site so when you go through the material yourself, you should have the skills necessary to do so.

However, most of the methods included are ‘paid for’ traffic meaning that you will still end up spending a significant amount of money to drive traffic. It’s very easy for you to lose money doing this. ( More Money )

How do you get paid?

They say that you earn 100% commission on every sale, that’s $1000. But hold up… There’s one-up system. What this means is that your first commission is given to the person who referred you and your first client also joins your referrers team.

From then on, you are qualified for life and get to enjoy the commissions you earn. Remember, you still have a $ 299 admin fee to pay. This is a really hard game to play because not only do you part with money from the very beginning but you are giving your first commission away as well as the client you probably invested in to recruit.

Final verdict:

When you first see the Exitus Elite offer, you can easily be enticed. The 100% commission rates from $1000 are enough to grab anyone’s attention. However, with further research, you learn that it actually isn’t easy to bring in a new client nor do you make any money the first time around. The more you read about it, the more you will realize just how hard it is.

$1299.00 is an extremely large investment with no money-back option and a high risk from the very beginning. It is also not as easy as it may seem to drive traffic to your website. Of course, if you learn to do it the right way, you may not have to even pay for it but driving traffic is a difficult thing to master.

Learn How To Get Traffic Free.

The training quite frankly is a lot and consists of many unnecessary modules. If these can be streamlined and offered for a fraction of the cost, maybe it would be worth it, but as it stands, you can get most of the information for free online. It is just to expensive and to much more risk in using pay per click methods. You must be very careful with PPC or you can lose a lot of money, learn the system first.


I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “What Is Exitus Elite”. Please leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “What Is Exitus Elite? – Money Maker Or Scam
  1. Thanks for sharing this review! A good warning to all. Think and review first before getting a deal like that.

    1. Wayne says:

      Glad you enjoyed the review, always double check before joining any program.

  2. Wayne says:

    Wayne enjoyed your review very much. Sounds as if you have done your research.
    Yes, a person has to do their homework when it comes to deals like these. Too many people jump in with both feet not really knowing what they are getting into.
    I would be very very hesitant to invest almost $1300 into anything that I was not sure about and what kind of income I would have.
    When they say a person can get 100% commission, I would be very leery. Thank for your review, from one Wayne to another, hope to talk soon.

    1. Wayne says:


      To many just jump right into anything they read and although most are scams we just hope and pray this is the one. We should always check them out before signing on the dotted line. Glad you got some insight from the review.

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