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LeadPages Review – Is This What You Need?

leadpages review,The first task when starting a business should be building your email. There are numerous ways of doing this but the two main ones include opt-in popups and landing pages.

It would prove to be very difficult when trying to construct any of these opt-in types by hand. LeadPages could be one option for doing this.

It is a service that is web-based and used for creating landing pages that are high converting. Additionally, it creates email opt-in popups for people who are ready to start running their websites.

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Very few business owners are capable of coding and having website design skills. Thus, they turn to several products to help them with this. LeadPages is one of these products. This read will help you know if LeadPages is the right option for your business or not.

What is LeadPages?

This web-based software creates popups and landing pages that are both designed and built for email address collection.

When you sign up with LeadPages, you get the following:

  • With the help of LeadDigits, you can collect leads through text messages.
  • Through LeadLinks, you can opt-in users to your webinars or list.
  • The ability to create LeadBox popups that are 2-step opt-in, exit intent and timed.
  • The capability to personally split test your popups and landing pages for more conversions.
  • A drag and drop editor that is easy to use that can customize templates to fit your specifications.
  • Easy access to 136 drag and drop templates.

In addition to this, all your creations on this platform are guaranteed to be mobile responsive and functional on any device. The editor allows you to preview how your page will look like. This makes designing so much easier and customizable. This is why most blogs use the LeadPages platform.

Leadpages Editor:

LeadPages helps users make amazing landing pages within a short period. The best part is that you do not have to have a background in design. The templates are enough. The editor allows you to add, delete, and re-arrange elements on the page. However, note that you will have to drag elements into the specific zones that you want. It is not wholly free form.

The template might bind you but it is the easiest and fastest way of creating a landing page.
You can include amazing widgets on the landing page such as the Countdown timer the supports the addition of scarcity to your pages and a checkout element that is new that enables you to directly make sales from the landing page.

Leadpages Templates:

This platform has numerous templates. Each month new unique templates come about making the chances of your landing page resembling your counterpart almost slim to none. It helps you stand out from your competition. It has templates to fit numerous scenarios including:

  • Checkout Pages.
  • 404 Pages.
  • Launch pages.
  • Upsell pages.
  • Thank you pages.
  • Webinar pages.
  • Specialized pages for FB landing pages, About me pages, Contest pages, and Podcasts.




It helps when adding popup opt-ins on a site. As a user, you have numerous options when it comes to using LeasBoxes such as:

  • Popping up after some time.
  • Popping up after a specified number of page views.
  • Popping up when a visitor seems like they are about to leave a page.

The most common mode of launching this is through a 2-step opt-in method. This entails a visitor clicking a button or link before the popup box appears. This is a micro-commitment and it guarantees conversions, which is why it is very common.

Before, LeadBoxes were made similarly to standard landing pages. This was a downside because it made all LeadBoxes similar in terms of appearance. This made it difficult for a potential customer to differentiate services and products of competitors.

The drag and drop LeadBoxes Editor is a new feature that remedies this by helping the user control the designs of their leadBoxes. This makes them able to take advantage of features such as the videos and countdown timers to help them increase their conversion rate to sales.

You will realize the power of Leadboxes when carrying out content upgrades. This is because when you combine it with the LeadPages’ lead magnet automatic delivery mechanism you are set for the creation and deployment of content upgrades.

Third Party Support and Integrating LeadPages:

leadpages, leadpages review.With LeadPages, you have various options when it comes to integrating your site. For examples, are you using WordPress? If you are, then you have the option of installing the connector plug-in for LeadPages. This helps you access a number of landing pages and the LeadBoxes available on your account.

All this can be done through your WordPress control panel. This will help you use one of your landing pages as a custom-made WordPress page with a unique URL. Alternatively, you could make a landing page to be a home page.

The plug-in will help you gain access to all your LeadBoxes in your account. After that, you have the option of using exit intent or making the popup to be a timed one with altered settings for each.

Users who are non WordPress could integrate their sites using LeadPages. For example, you have an HTML based site that is plain. You can access the HTML code for the landing page and copy it onto your site.

Alternatively, you have the option of hosting landing pages on the LeadPages platform. The demerit of this is that you will have to use the URL of LeadPages and not your personal one.

You will have to have an email service provider to store the leads. Take note that LeadPages supports the major email service providers such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, and ActiveCampaign, among others. Thus, you do not have to worry if you can access any major email service provider.

The LeadPages support system is quite reliable. If you want to access it during business days, you can do so via email and live chat and their staff are well informed.

The cost of Leadpages most popular plan is from $25 to $199 per month IF paid for yearly, it is considerably more if paid by the month.

My Opinion:

Leadpages is an older and reliable company but is updating it’s platform and it seems to be working very well, there was the odd kink to start with but they have been ironed out. I will give it a 9 out of 10, just make sure it is what you are looking for and suits your needs before signing up.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “LeadPages”. Please leave your comments below!


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16 thoughts on “LeadPages Review – Is This What You Need?
  1. Sharon May says:

    Nice detailed article, but it would be good to see some prices, any offers and some demo pics etc. I’m signed up to another company similar to LeadPages, they too have had some massive updates lately and we’re expecting one more before the year is out. These are great companies to help build your site, gain more traffic and build fancy visuals….they’re all good, and have they’re strengths and weakness so before buying you’ve really got to research which is best for you at the time.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes I agree all programs have they’re strengths and weaknesses and should be researched before buying into them. I will put some prices on the website shortly, I guess I overlooked this as I thought it was listed, Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Grace says:

    I have been procrastinating in getting a landing page for my site, mainly because I haven’t found a satisfactory platform to build it on my own. Thanks for your recommendation, it sounds really easy to do it with Leadpages, and I am thrilled there is a connector plug-ins from WordPress. Seems like I gotta add it to my to-do list now.

    1. Wayne says:

      I think we all procrastinate at times, maybe it’s a way of us saving some money until we really need it. Good luck with your new to do list.

  3. John says:

    Nice review about LeadPages Wayne!

    I have never actually used LeadPages myself, but I have heard that it is a pretty good option, and I was recently considering using it.

    I didn’t realise that it had something like LeadBoxes however with pop up boxes… I really like exit pops when someone leaves your page!

    I wonder how LeadPages would compare with other options like ClickFunnels or Builderall?

    It seems that LeadPages have everything that I would need?

    Thanks 🙂


    1. Wayne says:

      Hello John

      Leadpages is a great program with pretty well everything you need to enhance your website sales but is an extra cost when starting out, if you can afford it I think it would be great.

  4. mark kabakov says:

    Wayne, Hey! With great joy, I read your topic and tell myself: yes, I need the instructions. Because I am now at Wealthy Affiliate while developing my own website. I never knew that web software exists that creates pop-up windows and landing pages that are designed and created to collect email addresses. Your article has opened my eyes.

    You talk about LeadPages (net) with  Jenny Eden Berk, Founder,Coaching?   Right? Google did not give another. 

    I gladly accept your logic, your recommendations and will follow your experience. It can be seen that it is durable. Thank. Mark

    1. Wayne says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and found some info that you can use. yes leadpages.net is the right one.

  5. Bong says:

    Thank you for this great review of Lead Pages Review. May I know if this software is free?. I know it’s very useful for internet marketers and mostly they will use this as their tools. But they pay for a monthly basis. I won’t have to try this yet, but in the future maybe. Again thank you for this great review.

    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome and I hope you found what you needed. You can get a free 2 week trial but that is it.

  6. Shy says:

    I have just started in the affiliate marketing business, so although I do not need any leads at this moment, it is good to know that there are places like leadpages for free landing page templates and ways to create lead pages.  It is something that is very important in your business to have leads.  Wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing, so I am starting there and will soon be interested in obtaining leads.

    What is the best email autoresponder to use with leadpages?

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes you are right to concentrate on building your site out first and my preference for an autoresponder would be mail chimp or Aweber  but there are many more out there that are excellent programs.

  7. Pardeap says:

    I don’t have any experience with lead pages.  I didn’t even know about lead pages until I read you article.  I think lead pages with good quality content can be a great addition to a website.  This is something I will definitely  look into adding to my website.  Thanks for the tips.

    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome, Leadpages are funnel landing pages for your site and should lead to more sales.

  8. Holly says:

    This looks like a great program. I currently use mailchimp for my emails. How is this different from mailchimp? I see you say Leadpages can support mailchimp. I thought at first they sounded like the same thing, but if Leadpages supports mailchimp and other email providers, it must not be.

    What is the cost of Leadpages and how does that compare to similar products? Thanks for the great review.

    1. Wayne says:

      This is a landing page to help you sell your product to visitors coming to your site. The cost can be fairly expensive, from $25.00 to $199.00 per month if all is paid on a yearly plan but if paid by the month it will cost much more.

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