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Profit Clicking Review – A Must Read

Profit clicking ( Also known as ad click express)
Owner: Frederick Maan
Website: Profitclicking.com adclickxpress.com
Price: $10 to start- Investment of your preference
Rating: 1/5


make money online,In this profit clicking review I will explain the ins and outs of this program.

The profit clicking program came about in 2012 and was started as a high yield investment program. It works very different than any other affiliate program online by allowing you to invest a certain amount of money for advertising that will be clicked on with the profits from those display ads finding their way back into your pocket.

There’s no need for recruiting and you get ongoing withdrawals paid out to your accounts daily. With the help of this program people generally earn anywhere between 150-300% of their investment back every single day. This means that if you could spend the $10 minimum that it costs to use this program you could get a return deposit of up to $30 within the same day.

Although the program needed to change its name within the past few years it still continues on offering the same types of services. Users from around the world submit their advertising claims and then get the instant returns back to their Neteller accounts within the same day.

The best part about the program is you don’t have to go on and recruit a whole bunch of followers or refer people to the program to get the advertising dollars back. Instead you simply invest with the company as you would any good stock only to have instant returns that are guaranteed to be profitable back into your inbox the same day.


This is an investment system that doesn’t require very much thought or actual work up front. The only problem that faces many people is that you need to have a fair amount of money to invest in order to remain profitable every day. While it is good for earning passive income of around $20 per day utilizing the minimum investment package, if you want to start making serious money you need to risk a fair amount each day and I do mean RISK.

It does make it very easy to earn and the withdrawals through Neteller will appear right in your inbox making it simple to access the money that you earn directly to your bank account or to another online wallet.
It really just takes a few minutes to earn and invest using this system and there aren’t big transaction fees like you would face with some other platforms.


The amount of return isn’t guaranteed and although this is the norm across any type of investment, especially rings true here. Although the program offers to potentially return up to 300% of your investment is a good chance that you only aren’t just a little over 100% every day. This isn’t a good way that you can earn a whole bunch of money unless you were willing to risk a whole lot of money as well. As a result of this minor misstep there is a number of grievances with the company and complaints.

There is also some major cons when it comes to unresolved or unreported income. It seems like part of the reason that the company changed its name was because there were a few instances where customers would deposit money and they would receive their returns. Although all of these grievances have been recorded and the servers show access of these funds, some sites report as much as $55,000 that have gone missing from customers utilizing the system and not receiving any type of return.

Product overview:

The profit clicking system is slightly different than any other way to earn money online. While many programs will sell you the tools and knowledge that you need for affiliate marketing or for earning money using affiliate ads. By using profit clicking you are essentially buying advertising impressions for other companies that will be clicked on other high traffic websites. Purchasing these high-traffic ad spaces with your own upfront investment will allow you to earn affiliate dollars as the gurus on the website display these ads.

Ultimately the money that you get back depends on the ads that profit click ends up buying as well as the total volume of investments that they get any given day. While there is definitely a solid system in place that you can use for earning a return on investment profits aren’t always guaranteed and the results are largely out of your hands.

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Who is profit clicking for:

Ultimately this program is an excellent idea for anyone that’s trying to expand on their investment portfolio or earn some quick passive income. Given its history this should be considered somewhat of a high risk investment so it’s important you don’t invest too much money with the company due to their losses.

It’s usually a good idea to invest a minimum amount to start and then potentially increase or double your investment seem consistent returns. Never put in more money than you can afford to lose and always make sure that you keep some of your profits rather than potentially losing a lot in a high risk gamble.

Training and tools overview:

All you need to do to invest is simply log into the website and selected deposit from your Neteller account as soon as you make a deposit the site owners will then invest the money in advertising space and start to prepare your return on investment. Although the website does suggest that you might see a return within the first day is a good chance it might take a few days before you see another deposit back into your Neteller account.

The website does have a support and FAQ page but it can be tough to get answers when you need them.


Ultimately the price for this program is set by you. With the minimum investment price set US$10 you need to decide how much you are willing to invest or risk with profit clicking.

My Take On Profit Clicking:

I would not put any money into this program as it is a Scam, your earnings if any would be minimal and investing large amounts is Very Very Risky.

If this review helped in any way or if you need help starting an affiliate marketing website, Please leave a comment or question below. Thanks

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