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Too Damn Easy Review – Cash Gifting Program?

Name: Too Damn Easy Review
Website: www.toodamneasy.com
Price: $2000 to start
Owners: ?
Rank: 10/100

Too damn easy Product overview:

make money online,Too damn easy is a unique online money making opportunity on how to make money from home that you may not have heard about before. In many cases they offer opportunities from multilevel marketing firms, affiliate advertising companies or other sources but Too damn easy utilizes a system called cash gifting program. You may not have heard of cash gifting before but it’s very different from offering a private peer-to-peer loan. Stay away, far away from all such cash gifting programs.

Cash gifting involves sending money to someone who will then in turn send money to someone else and they will send the money to someone else to recruit other members for the network. When more and more people join from the members that you gave money to, the cash gift that they pay back to their sponsor will make their way back to you so that you can eventually earn money from the entire network rather than just the few people that you recruited.

While this may sound very similar to multilevel marketing or other online opportunities to recruit, the cash gifting business can cost you a lot of money with no guarantee of ever getting any of it back. In MLM’s the top people make the money and the people at the bottom (you and I) build up their bank accounts. With Wealthy Affiliate you are working for yourself with a very minimal investment, can even start out free, No credit card required.

The good and the bad:

too damn easy review,One of the biggest issues with this type of program is that it incurs a lot of risk and requires work. Unlike many other opportunities from which you will get paid from product manufacturers, internet advertisers and through commission sales this program relies directly on the way that you build networks.

It is quite a large monetary sharing fund with no real goods or services transferring between members. Instead the idea is to simply build cash and a network so that every member of Too damn easy can eventually find their way to financial freedom through automatic passive income. (ever heard of pyramid schemes?)

While this may seem too good to be true there are quite a few members online that have taken the risk and started to earn money. These can be seen through the various testimonials on Too damn easy, but are they believable. The problem with this program however is that it has a very high buy in and seems to only get more expensive as you try to grow your network.


  • Less work when you become established. (very, very hard to do)
  • Your initial investment with new money added will snowball into higher earnings. (no guarantee)
  • With a large enough network you may never have to work again, (more money more network, no guarantees)
  • Fully automated.
  • Provides you with some good marketing tips for expanding your network. (More Money)


  • Really difficult to build a network. (Can you find a lot of people with a lot of money to signup?)
  • No clear owner for the business and none have ever stepped forward.
  • Even more difficult to get your money back out of the network.
  • Huge asking price for initial deposits. Some users have paid anywhere between 2000 and $18,500 to build their starting network.
  • There is no products to sell instead just a network to grow this means that you depend on a lot of other people for you to actually collect money out of this program.

Who is too damn easy for?

Transparent_RedThis program is definitely for people that are willing to take a risk. $2000 is no small sum to the average person and if you feel as though you are comfortable gambling this kind of money to start on a promise with no clear owner, no products and a slew of bad reviews/questionable legality this could be the gamble for you.

It’s certainly a long shot but there are some people that have succeeded in actually getting their money back as well as earning some money from the program. It can just be difficult to surrender the initial cash up front as well as commit to building a network and convincing other individuals of the program to help them succeed.

Too damn easy tools and training:

When you do join into the program and pay the initial upfront costs you start to get access to a variety of different networking tools that you can use for marketing. These tools will help you plan for conferences, establish sales meetings, get quality leads as well as design websites that you can use for expanding your business network and getting access to other affiliates that you can use to start earning regular money.

Overall the marketing tools that are available with this program are excellent but they do command quite a high price tag. There are certainly other marketing tools that you can find through affiliate sales networks for far less money. With Wealthy Affiliate you can try it for free and build 2 free websites then if you think you need more then become a premium member for all training, 24/7 live chat with owners and other premium members.


Overall there isn’t much in the way of real support. Because it’s difficult to pay taxes on these types of earnings it can be hard to speak with someone that is anonymous and to get real answers about how you should build your network or continue in the business. There is an online form that you can use for generating leads but is relatively empty as most people like to keep to their own networks so that they can continue expanding upon their progress.

The customer support is really lacking and you can sometimes get some questions answered via an autoresponder e-mail. In most cases though it’s tough to speak to a live representative about this program or about what they may actually be doing with some of the money that you invested.


The price really varies depending on the type of network that you are interested in building. While the initial tools and starting price begins at $2000, if you are really interested in making money with this product you will definitely need to invest more. Many have reported that the average price for a successful network usually ranges around $6200 and this is definitely outside the price range of the average work at home professional. (Be very careful as this is a lot of money)

This is also a much greater risk than the initial $2000 fee to unlock some of the tools. Overall you can continue to invest in the program but there is absolutely no guarantee of return from any of your sponsors or chance for your affiliate network to grow. This is a high-risk opportunity especially considering the extremely high price tag.

My Recommendation

I do not recommend this program to anyone, to costly, no owner and is an out and out pyramid scheme. If you are looking for a work at home based internet business my #1 affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate, you can try it for free and then if you would like to go premium there is a one time fee with no up-sells. Check out the comparison chart below. Thank you.


Would love to hear your comments on this and any other posts on my site, Thanking you in advance, Wayne.

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4 thoughts on “Too Damn Easy Review – Cash Gifting Program?
  1. Paul says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Thanks for sharing such a great, very informative and useful review on TooDamnEasy. I think you done a great gob on this review and walked me through the detailed information. Very good stuff. I’ll come back when I have more time and see what else I find here. Thanks and good site! Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,

    1. Wayne says:

      I’m glad you found the information that helped in your search of To Damn Easy Review. My #1 recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate Program, you can join for Free and get into the back office and check it out.

  2. Jack Cao says:

    Woah! I was put off immediately after I saw the price to participate in the program. To be honest, it is really not worth putting such high risk without know that the program works. I would prefer to try the product first before actually making the purchase.

    I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it is simple brilliant. I am an active member of WA for years now and I am still loving it because it is the place that set me on the right foot. Making great money with WA. Hope it works well for you Wayne!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks and I totally agree with you, I have been a wealthy affiliate member for about 2 yrs now, best move I ever made since I’ve been on the net (many, many years). I quit bouncing around from one get rich quik scheme to another as there is everything here you need including hosting plus try before you buy. Wayne

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