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What Is A Website Builder? – Choose Wisely

what is a website builder,A website builder also goes by the name online CMS and is a specific type of Content Management System (C.M. S). In addition, a website builder may also be defined as being tools/programs that are able to allow or assists in the building of websites without any need for manual code editing.

In addition, these systems were created particularly to suit individuals, photographers, freelancers, small businesses and startups with or without a web store.

What Is A Website Builder? The History:

The very first websites were created way back in the 1990s and were manually written in HTML. With time,Dreamweaver was able to create a software that helped in the designing of web pages in 1998 which made them the established leader in the industry; nevertheless, people have been able to disapprove the quality of the code that was produced by such as software by being deemed to be reliant on tables as well as being overblown.

Over time, the industry was able to move towards W3C standards while Dreamweaver and others and other companies were condemned for not following suit. Over time compliance has been able to improve, but still most if not all professionals still fancy to write optimized markup by hand.

Open source tools were basically developed to the standards, and made fewer exclusions for the then leading Internet Explorer’s deviations from the standards.

In the year 1996, W3C was able to start Amaya in order to showcase Web technologies in a fully featured web client in order to provide an outline that assimilated lots of W3C technologies in a single, consistent environment. Amaya at first started as a CSS and HTML editor but as of now is able to support SVG, XML XHTML and MathML.

One of the very first more modern site builders who didn’t require any technical skills were GeoCities. After a period of 5 years after its launch, Yahoo! Bought the site for $3.6 billion in 1994. With time, it became obsolete and was shut down in April 2009.

Types Of Website Builders:

When it comes to websites dealers there tends to be two main ones which operate within this domain i.e. online web builders and offline web builder.

Offline Web Builders:

what is a website builder,The offline website builder is able to come as software programs that one can easily download and install on their computer. After downloading the website, one now needs to build their own website using the software and save the files on their computer. And once one’s website is ready, all they need to now do is to simply upload all their website files to a web host.

In addition, offline web builders tend to deal with professional website designers more who are in need of creating pages for more than one web host or client. They tend to be more expensive than online web builders as much as they are flexible.

The biggest advantage of using such website builders is that the software tends to run on one’s computer enabling one to work on their website even when they are offline. However, one still needs to know or have some technical skills as there is need for them to upload the files to a web host. In addition, one is also required to purchase a web hosting account, Not so with wealthy affiliate, One offline website builder is Rapidweaver, not an easy website builder to work with.

In addition, one also becomes less dependent on their website builder service provider as they are able to do their work independently which is an added advantage.
One can also easily access their web folders where their website is hosted directly since the FTP server access tends to offer greater flexibility.

Online Web Builders:

When it comes to online web builders, they are normally based and run on the provider’s service. Compared to offline web builders, one need not download the software but simply just have internet to connect them to a web browser i.e. Firefox, Mozilla among other.

The variety of services tends to vary amongst social network content or creating basic personal web pages to creating complete business and e-commerce websites, either on the template based or on the more flexible platforms, which are totally designed free.

One of the advantages of online web builders is that it is able to allow one to work on their website from any device as well as from anywhere hence, proving to be very flexible.

In addition, the website tends to come with its own web hosting services hence, there is no need for one to purchase the product and/or set it up separately. Most of the online web builders are normally designed for individuals with little or no coding experience.

How Does An Online Website Builder Work?

Online website builders tend to be very easy when it comes to using for both beginners and experienced folks as they are able to create a whole website within minutes using a drag and drop editor. The users are able to simply build their own website just by dragging an element ad dropping it in the desired location without any coding knowledge or experience required.

Listed below are simple steps of how an online web builder works:

affiliate marketing,One need to choose a design template that fits their need which are mostly built in
Each template tends to come with its own elements and content which one can edit by clicking on it.

Add new element to the page such as videos, galleries in order to enhance the website Once one is content with the changes all they have to do now is press publish and the website will be available online.

To actually get some of the best providers it may depend on the quality and functionality one needs the site for. Some of the best providers include Weebly and Jimdo for beginners and Square space for more advanced users as they have advanced features.

Wealthy Affiliates website builder is a very easy to use platform and starts you out for free (no credit card needed) then you can upgrade to premium at a later date should you see the need. Build your 2 Free Websites and see how easy it is. Start your online business today and build for a better future.

In conclusion, a website builder is a very effective tool and one that is needed to build your personal and profitable website. It will end up being a source of income after a while, this is not a get rich quick scheme they just do not work period. If you would like to look at Wealthy Affiliate in more detail Click Here 

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