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What Is Alliance in Motion Global About – Scam or Legit?

what is alliance in motion global,Three founders, namely John Asperin, Francis Miguel, and Eduardo Cabantog, created this affiliate-marketing niche. Alliance In Motion Global affiliate company is like no other.

It has numerous claims that fail to make sense to a person who is not new to affiliate marketing. They make it seem like they have a system that can make any person rich within a short time.

About Alliance In Motion Global:

Alliance in Motion Global is a classic MLM company in 2005. This company sells products to their members to sell and get money. They sell products such as toothpaste, chocolate drinks, premium-blended beverages, multivitamins, male and female washes, cosmetics, and food supplements. Food supplements are the main products sold by Alliance in Motion Global. They get it from a USA based company known as Nature’s Way.

As you can see, this company mainly deals with sales. Thus, it needs members who have very strong sales skills. If you lack this basic and main component then Alliance in Motion Global is not the right company for you. Unlike other affiliate marketing niches, this one has a compensation plan.

alliance in motion global,On the other hand, it is not easy for people to join this company because of the numerous allegations about it. When you make an online search of this company, you will see a lot of negative insight into it. This in itself discourages people from transacting or even joining this company.

Take note that you will need to purchase these products from the company in order to sell them to another person or company. This means that you will need to have enough capital to buy the AIM products because they are quite expensive. As a member, you will also need to sell the products face-to-face to the potential customers.

The compensation plan is also very confusing. Make sure that you understand this plan before you join Alliance in Motion Global. The most important part is that in order to make money, you will need to recruit many people. This in itself is not easy considering that there is a lot of negative backlash on the internet about this company.

The claims made by this company are very unrealistic. They even claim that their products cure people from cancer, skin rejuvenation, immune system enhancement, Parkinson’s disease prevention, type 2 diabetes prevention, and degenerative diseases prevention.

This is far from the truth. They mislead people into thinking that their products are better than any product ever sold by an MLM company.

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Alliance in Motion Global Products:

This company is not the leading MLM Company in the world. It only operates in a few countries across the globe such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Brunei, Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, Hawaii, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines. Clearly, it does not operate in the leading markets like Russia, Europe, Canada, or the United States. The following are some of the products you will encounter when you interact with Alliance in Motion Global:

1 –  Products that boost nutrition:

Complete Phyto-Energizer
Choleduz Omega Supreme
C 24/7 Nature-Ceuticals
Slim and Trim
Restore Lyf
KIDDI 24/7 Nutragammies

2 –  Beverages and drinks:

Latte Liven Coffee
Original Liven Coffee
Cappucino Liven Coffee
Alkaline Chocolate Drink
VIDA Cardio Vascular Drink
Sugar-Free Liven Coffee

3 – CosmeCeuticals nutrition products:

White Light
Perfect White

4 –  NaturaCeuticals:

Naturacentials Whitening Soap
Naturacentials Toothpaste
Naturacentials Masculine Wash
Naturacentials Feminine Wash

what is alliance in motion global about,Take note that when purchasing these products; you will have to buy them as a combined package. This means that the package will have products that are popular and those that are not. This makes it harder to sell the products and make a profit.

In fact, it merely shows that the company just wants to extort money from their members. This is because when you fail to sell these products, the loss falls back to you and not the company. It is almost as if, they are forcing you to buy products that you do not want or need.

This is actually, where the refund policy comes in. in case you purchase the products in bulk and fail to sell them, you can contact their support group and ask for a refund. This is why it was mentioned earlier that you have to make sure that you understand their refund policy prior to making any purchase.

The process is quite complicated and it will speed up the process if you already understand what needs to be done and how long the refund process will take.

How to Join Alliance in Motion Global:

The first step is to purchase their combo packages and promote it. This will get you to become a member.
After purchasing their products, they will instruct you to purchase positions in their compensation plan. They are in odd numbers.

The positions offered are as follows:

Position 1: 179.57 dollars
Position 3: 583.53 dollars
Position 5: 899.57 dollars
Position 7: 1256.57 dollars

As a distributor of this company, you will only be allowed to sell the products at a 25% discount. This means that the company will sell the products at a higher price and not less than the standard Suggested Retail Price. The good thing about Alliance in Motion Global is that you will be able to recruit distributors to make money.

However, you have to balance between making sales and recruiting distributors because of the Flush-out system that regulates all MLMs.

After joining Alliance in Motion Global, you will need to pay 265 dollars. This will get you the business package that includes the following offers:

Scholarship certificate
Insurance certificate
A website for Alliance In Motion Global
Registration form from Alliance In Motion Global
Startup sales kit that contains the combination of products
Video presentation CD to teach and help you make the sales
5 –  24/7 single packs

In order to succeed in this company, you have to have very good sales and recruiting skills. For more information, visit their website on www.allianceinmotion.com.

Final Analysis:

If you should decide to join this company you should really look into it a lot more in-depth but as far as I am concerned I would stay away from it, you risk your money (lots of it) and you have to be a good salesman to get any back. I do NOT recommend it.


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