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How to Create Your Own Logo For Free – Does Your Website Have One?

how to create your own logo for free,Numerous applications and online sites show you how to create your own logo for free, in logo creation for brands and businesses. They are fun and most of them are easy to use. With the right imagination and creation, you could create an amazing logo for your brand.

A logo is used to elevate the status of your brand. This increases your chances of sales. It also distinguishes you from your competitors. You do not even have to say the name of the business the logo is enough.

Things to Note When Creating and Designing a Logo:

High resolution- Make sure that you have seen a product of the logos that the site or application creates. The logo should be able to maintain its resolution when placed on letterheads, presentations, and even websites, among others. This means that it should have a ready-to-go PNG logo file.

Ector files- Perfect the print by making sure that the EPS and SVG logo files are able to allow you to scale down to any size without showing the pixels.

Options for the colors – The background of your logo should be colored and transparent. In addition to this, make sure that you get both the white and dark versions of the logo.

Guidelines of the full brand – The resource for downloading the logo needs to have the colors and fonts of the logo. This will enhance the consistency of the logo and make sure that no matter where the logo is placed it can still maintain its consistency. This will give your business a professional look.

Social media ready – You should be able to access various sized versions of your logo for social media purposes. Various social media platforms have varied size specifications or the content uploaded by the users. Thus, you need to be able to cut across the size specifications of all the social media platforms you would need to access.

free logos,No royalty on the logo – It would benefit you more if you made sure that the site or application you use does not have any royalty right to that logo. This would give you all the benefit in an instance where you decided to use the logo for any non-commercial and commercial purpose.

Phone support and assistance – The platform you use should be accessible at all times. This means that when you encounter a problem with your logo and you are not within the same time zone, you will still be able to get assistance immediately. This will ensure that you do not have to slow down and negatively affect your business return.

Do not use a platform that has templates – This directly means that there will be a similarity with another logo of another business. Make sure that the site custom makes logo ideas fit for each customer. You will know that the platform offers this quality when it asks for personal information in order to customize the ideas. Otherwise, if the first step after accessing the platform is to select a template, then that site might not fit your customizing needs.

Have many plans when it comes to Alternative platforms – Just in case, the sites that offer free logos do not fit your customized idea, you could seek one that has almost the same concept but a different approach. For example, you could look for a logo generation platform that allows the users to generate amazing logo ideas free. This will give you an idea of what you really want for your company. The next step will be to purchase the logo idea that you liked most, solely.

Here are a couple places you can check out, I have used both but there are so many to choose from just google them.



Making logos is very important when it comes to business success or elevation. Most people overlook this part when they plan to start their businesses or brands. This makes sense considering all the stress that comes with starting a business from scratch.

As you complete your set up process, the need for a logo will become more prominent especially when it comes to business cards and websites. Creating a logo is not as easy as it sounds. The logo is a symbol of your brand concept. It deals with visualizing your business idea.

The following are the three main reasons why your business needs a logo:

Identity – The logo is a source of identity. It will set you apart from any other business in the market. It will make it easier for people to interact with your products and services. The world now is visual. This means that the customers and potential investors will value the outlook rather than the content.

This mark will strengthen the name of the business and help to target audiences that are visual. The logo should show the attributes of the company through the slogans, shapes, symbols, fonts, and colors. This should be done in an adaptable, straightforward, and simple way.

free logo, Makes the brand memorable – It is very easy to forget the name of the brand but be able to explain the logo of the brand. The logo captures the attention of the audience and wheels them in to listen to what the business has to offer.

It takes a very short time to get the attention of a person and once this window period lapse, the person will not be open to any interaction. As you make your logo, make sure that you have an idea of how you want your potential customers to remember your brand.

Trust and professionalism – These are the most important qualities of a business. A business that lacks either of these can get the attention of their audience but fail to convert them into customers or members. At the beginning of a business, it is very challenging to make the audience trust you. This is why you need to win them at the first impact of interaction.

As you begin interacting with them make sure that you look the part. People form opinions within the first few minutes of the interaction if your appearance does not ooze trustworthiness or a hardworking person, then the person fails to have an interest in whatever you say.



I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “How To Create Your Own Logo For Free”. Please leave your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Logo For Free – Does Your Website Have One?
  1. Matthew Weaver says:


    Thanks for this informative article about logos and logo design. Currently, I’ve been logo shopping and wondering about what places I could go to either make one or have one made – I will definitely check out the websites you suggested In addition, I will work on getting a design that captures the essence of my company.

    Thank you for your insights,


    1. Wayne says:


      I’m happy you found some information that helped put you on the right path to creating your own logo. Good luck and have fun designing your new logo.

  2. Carl Vogel says:

    I to do believe a logo is the best way to be remembered. People will remember a logo over a name. I didn’t even give this any thought till I read this post. All though I am not sure what your logo is saying. The only thing I get on the first one is it says to me something about plants world wide. The bottom one is more about traveling. I do hope I have read the right types for the Logos! Great job.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hello Carl
      If you are referring to the 2 logos on the post they are just for an idea of what you can use to make your own logo with but there are thousands you can use from these logo making sites. You can pick what you would like or what fits your business, Hope this helps.

  3. Michael says:

    I agree that having a logo is a great way to build trust and your brand as you grow your business online.

    I’ve peronally used the the two sites you recommended in the post — and I really liked them.

    Have you found any place that creates more professionally and unique logos though that don’t cost too much?

    1. Wayne says:

      I’m glad you liked the two websites I listed and no I have not found any other sites that are more professional but also I have not looked either. Happy logo building.

  4. Howard says:

    Hey Traveller75,

    You are correct when you write in your post that having a logo is important.

    You online business is your brand – so having a logo that represents your brand is very important.

    A logo need to be given a lot of thought and should be something that people can remember easily. It should be appealing to the eyes as well.

    Reading your post reminded me of the fact that I need to start working on a really memorable logo for my “brand”!

    Good post!

    Talk Soon, Howard

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Howard

      A logo is something we should all look at making for our websites and as you say easy on the eyes and easy to remember, Happy logo making.

  5. justin says:

    Hey i really enjoyed this article, i make logos a lot and especially to put on pinterest and other social medias. I actually use canva to make my logos, it has been really easy and i can also make social media posts. I hope they end up bringing an affiliate program soon so we can make money from them.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Jutin

      I’m happy that you enjoyed my article, I have used canva also and it works real well. I would like to see a program at Wealthy Affiliate that would do the same thing but there are so many free programs that work very well so I don’t think it would be worthwhile. Thanks for the comment.

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