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Member Spring Review – Legit or Not

making money onlineIs Member Spring a legit program? Get the scoop here.

Price: $297 lifetime membership ($97 a month)
Owner: Gary Ambrose
Overall rank: 45 of 100

So you want to know how to make money in affiliate marketing, on this website I will try my best to show you how. I searched for years spent thousands of dollars but I did finally find out how and that is why I am partial to Wealthy Affiliate. I still try my best to give an honest review of other programs out there because as I see it “Different Strokes For Different Folks.” Read on and enjoy.

Member spring is an affiliate commissions website whereby users can access premade websites that have prewritten autoresponder e-mails. The idea of this automated system is to make money by selling affiliate products online as well as ad revenue. While the website creation tools in many of the premade websites are very easy to access the automated system may not be the kind of quality that is required to generate maximum engagement from the system.
Along with the member spring premade websites and system you get access to a number of different high quality training videos. While the automated system has a lot of content available, ultimately it is up to the user to create high converting content and to continue producing websites that will earn the money.

Pros for member spring:

  • The videos in member spring are of high quality. It’s very simple to understand each of the tutorial videos given and they come with simple instructions and great audio. There’s a number of different Internet marketing videos that simply come with up-sells or ongoing demonstrations of how much money you could be making with the system. These are good quality training videos that don’t come with a surprising amount of up-sells.
  • Training comes directly from the creator. Most of the high-quality training videos and premade websites are custom built by Gary Ambrose. The tutorials don’t simply drag on and can give you a lot of information that’s extremely useful for learning more about this process and how to create your own websites.
  •  The support system is known as being some of the best available from one of these systems. With a massive community as well as operators the support available through member spring is supposed to be very good. With quality support from experienced customer service representatives you can find the help that you need should you run into any problems.

Cons for Member spring:

  • member spring review,There are a lot of up-sells. This system unfortunately comes with a number of different up-sells especially when it comes to the generation of content and websites. Member spring is consistently talking about how much money that you can make from the system and how every upscale opportunity that comes up on the website may be the last opportunity to take advantage of that deal.
  • While there is a lot of hype when it comes to up-sells you are made to think these will be your make or break opportunity to actually start increasing your earnings through the program.
  • Most of the content used on the generated websites is PLR content. (never use PLR content on your website, Google will punish you!) The problem with PLR content is that it doesn’t rank that well because it’s been copied multiple times across many different websites. One of the major issues with this system is its use of PLR content and its simple inability to get ranked on search engines. Really the best way that you can make money with this system is to create your own content or to pay a freelancer to generate fresh content articles. Rather than waste time populating websites with PLR content or generating websites that are filled with PLR content why wouldn’t you take a couple of minutes and just create a website yourself ?
  • The videos don’t seem to come with any big picture concept of where a marketer may be after a few months of utilizing the system. Experienced marketers may not be able to think of how they may use this system to the fullest or the goal that they might be working towards as far as commissions. While it isn’t nice to consistently hear how much money you could be making from a system, sometimes guidance towards a big picture goal is extremely helpful. There is absolutely no indications of this big picture goal with member spring.
  • The hosting is also somewhat expensive. In order to keep your hosted content you need to continue paying the $47 per month membership host service. Considering you could get three dollar hosting for small website somewhere else this seems like an extremely high fee to pay simply to keep a website up and running. If you do decide to transfer your hosting you must also keep in mind that some modifications to your websites might take place such as a loss of plug-ins content and more.

Who is member spring for?

affiliate marketing,Member spring is ideal for Internet marketers that are interested in breaking into the business or for Internet marketers that simply want access to some tools that they can use for generating a lot of websites at once. If you feel that marketing products on the Internet utilizing old methods in PLR content is the best way for success this is most definitely the easiest way to utilize this system but definitely not the way to make money on the internet.

There is some money to be made through the generation of these websites and through the member spring system however there seems to be more promising opportunities if marketers are willing to take the system and then create all of their own original content. If you need to learn the basics of Internet marketing or you simply want a system that will increase the efficiency of work for your Internet marketing efforts, this could be just what you are looking for.
Tools and training:

The tools and training that come with member spring include a variety of videos, PLR articles, website creation tools, hosting tools and more. Generating the website is easier than ever before and you really don’t need much in the way of technical knowledge especially after watching the engaging video tutorial series.

The support section for member spring is fairly good. There is a community and a forum as well as personal one-on-one support from customer service representatives. Considering the training comes directly from the founder it’s also important that the original creator of this system is still very much behind the tools and training that is provided through member spring.


member spring review,The hosting package alone for member spring is $47 a month. But you can also include $30 a month for a premium membership, $97 a month to access the tools and training as well as several other programs which can run in the range of $97-$197. The average user price just to get started is around $297 and then $97 a month. The full package and hosting is expensive.

My number one affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate, it has the most updated technology and rating on the internet with Everything in one place at one price and absolutely no Up-sells.


What are your thoughts on this article? All comments good and bad welcome, Wayne

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5 thoughts on “Member Spring Review – Legit or Not
  1. Mustafizur Rahman says:

    1. Who will build website?
    2. How about Traffic and SEO ? Do I have to pay for this ?
    3. Who will listing in website and how to get hot products list ?
    4. How long takes to get sales ?
    5. If no sales what could be done ?

    May be more questions later

    1. Mohammad Habibur Rahman says:


    2. Wayne says:

      You will build your very own website and videos and training will show you how to get traffic. Training will show you how to find a niche that you may be passionate about or not and this is not get rich quick as with any legitimate site it takes time and depending on how much time and work you put in it. It could be anywhere from maybe 6 months to a year it all depends on your niche and the time you dedicate to it.

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Wayne,

    Wow what a thorough review on MemberSpring. Thanks for the great review. There are 1000’s of online program claiming they can help you make money online but at the end of the day they are not. Because of the increased number of online scams it is always advisable to do our own research before buying any product. Here comes the great help from your review making my job easy I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment, one has to be very careful when spending our hard earned cash to hopefully improve our income on line. All the best in your online business.

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