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Pepperjam Reviews – The 3 Main Steps

pepperjamThe modern world of digital marketing depends on the customer’s appreciation for new products and services. Most companies use the term “new” on their products when they introduce them into the market or when they rebrand.

This strategy attracts numerous customers because they are attracted to the idea of it being “new”.

Pepperjam affiliate network is using the same strategy. It has branded itself as an evolving affiliate trend in the market. Pepperjam takes pride in their features and uses this angle to convince their customers that they are not like the rest of the affiliate networks in the market.

Nevertheless, most people want to know if this is true or have they just using this as a sales strategy. This review aims at helping the potential customer to understand what the pepperjam affiliate network is about and if it really stands out from the rest of the affiliate networks in the market.

Three Main Steps to Take When Successfully Beginning Your Pepperjam Affiliate Program

Adding the creatives to the program:

Creation of a generic link- This tracking link will retain its “active” status in the advertiser’s program. The homepage should be set as the destination URL for the link.

This will be used as a basis for tracking content and promotions for a specific program. An expired creative on an advertisers program can redirect the traffic through the link to the destination URL, which is your homepage.

 1 – Update the Banners- This creative will help you to display your brand with your offers and new products including discounts, coupons, free shipping, and other things. Make sure that each time your promotions and marketing calendar changes, so does the content of your banner. Most users forget to update their banners as they upgrade their business strategies.

 2 – Include Text links- They are text hyperlinks that are included in your program for use by affiliates. They include discounts, coupons, free shipping offers, new lines of products, and even the name of the brand, among other texts. They help to direct the affiliate to the page that contains information based on the hyperlink text.

 3 – Include the codes of the coupons- These are promotions that have codes that purchasers can use to get a discount on the items that are entered in their cart. It allows them to purchase the goods at a discounted price. This is not a mandatory inclusion but if it applies to your program, then you should make sure that it is included.

Examples of these promotional coupons include buy 1 get 1 free, dollar off, free shipping, percentage off, and site-wide discounts, among others.

The settings of the program:

pepperjam review,The program settings tab is very important. Make sure that the information entered into the program is very accurate. It includes the descriptions of the methods of promotion, accepts/decline methods, languages, categories, restricted keywords, suggested keywords, square display logo, and the display logo, among other things.

Set up your commission term after conducting a background check of what the other publishers are offered. Make sure that you consider the commission increments.

Write a customized message for your publishers when they either join or are revoked from joining your program. This will save you the time of having to type out a new message each time you want to communicate to them. Make sure that the message appreciates why the affiliate was revoked. You can ad creatives and banners to this message for use by the publishers.

Draft a signing up form for affiliate registration. It will boost your referrals and increase the rate of the people who are signing up to be your publishers. Be sure to include the introductory message and the success message on the form. It will make the signing up process more personalized. This message welcomes the affiliate to the program and creates the first impression of your program.

Managing the publishers:

The recruitment process is the most crucial stage in this entire program. Make sure that the publishers you invite seem to be a good fit for your program. Their homepage should be user-friendly and attractive. The content of their page should relate to your site content.

Managing the publishers through the “Manage Publishers” tool that lists down all the affiliates in your program. It helps you gain easy access to their information.

The differences between Pepperjam and other affiliate networks:

Transparency- When it comes to affiliate networking, the publisher does not communicate or interact with the advertisers. However, Pepperjam changes this approach. Its system is so transparent that advertisers can access important publisher information. This information includes contact information, certain websites, methods used by publishers to promote the products, and the marketing potential.

Apart from this, publishers are able to earn higher ratings of transparency when they give information that is up-to-date and accurate; the higher the rating, the higher the publisher’s commission. Additionally, the publishers are capable of being accepted into some networks or gain access to special incentives.

This is not all; Pepperjam creates a platform for publishers and advertisers to interact. This approach helps them build a strong relationship with the advertisers that will help their input such as asking for custom ads, among others. This creates a team atmosphere as all the employees are connected and communicating to improve the network.

An annual publisher day- This event helps publishers to meet with the advertisers and account managers personally. This helps them network and gain more knowledge on how they can improve their areas of expertise. In addition to this, a publisher can get feedback on their input to the network. It helps people address their issues and creates a sense of unity within the network.

Personal attention- In most of the affiliate networks, the feedback and customer support sector is very poor. It takes days to respond to clients on urgent matters. However, Pepperjam has created and enforced measures that eliminate this behavior through the assignment of personal account representatives.

The representative then answers the questions of the assigned publisher in real time. In addition to this, it has a help section that is equipped with information on the most frequently asked question. This means that in the event that the representative is not available the publisher will still have access to the knowledge.

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9 thoughts on “Pepperjam Reviews – The 3 Main Steps
  1. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for this detail article regarding PeperJam, I was actually considering them, and I still am as a network to manage my own affiliate program. I have looked at others, namely commission Junction (AKA CJ),

    For product owners and merchant looking for independent and outsource the management of their own affiliate program what would you consider key aspects to look for and who would you consider to be the best in this regards?

  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for this detail article regarding PeperJam, I was actually considering them, and I still am as a network to manage my own affiliate program. I have looked at others, namely commission Junction (AKA CJ),

    For product owners and merchant looking for independent and outsource the management of their own affiliate program what would you consider key aspects to look for and who would you consider to be the best in this regards?

    1. Wayne says:

      I hope you found the information you needed for your business. I have worked with CJ and liked them but have not worked with any others, this should maybe be on my “to do” list.

  3. Norman says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive overview of Pepperjam affiliate network. There are 2 points in particular which stand out in a positive way:

    A. the high level of transparency and the platform where publishers and advertisers can interact

    B. the personalized support through the personal account representatives

    I find both extremely attractive and refreshing. Are the account representatives actual people or bots?

    Thanks so much for sharing, and all the best,


    1. Wayne says:

      I agree, they have a high level of transparency and and a great support crew. The representatives are people and there help is very good and fairly Quick, Glad you found some interesting points and hope it helps in your business. All the best to you also.

  4. Jeff Marshall says:

    Did not really like how Pepperjam Platform operated but did find your number one recommendation very interesting. Receiving help and support is crucial when starting an online business. I do like that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free to have a look around before deciding to upgrade.
    What kinds of tools does the paid version include and is there any other upgrades added?
    Cheers, Jeff.

    1. Wayne says:

      Glad you learned more about the pepperjam platform and joining the Wealthy Affiliate free program give you a look at the back office and get to try it all and build your free sites.

      The premium version gives you more of training videos, one on one training and you can build many more websites that will be hosted here at no extra cost. There are absolutely no up-sells once you are premium, a real change from pretty well all other programs.

  5. Furkan says:

    I really liked that I can get feedback quite fast and customer support is also an important factor to consider.
    I wonder how accurate the information when they provide answers to questions. Since as you may know some programs don’t provide 100% correct answers. For example, a platform said that I can use AMP pages but it did not work out as they suggested.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes there are programs out that the information and answers should be cross checked, I do this with all I come across. I’m just playing safe.

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